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Thought Leadership – Using Online Video to Spread Your Message

Seth Godin in this TED Talk gives a simple illustration of how anyone can make change. How anyone can be a leader. How people like to feel connected. How people want to be missed if they aren’t there. Spreading your message not to everyone but only the ones who want to hear your message is [...]


Viral Videos – Youtube Videos some with 100 Million + Views

This was a fun little exercise. I wanted to see who had some of the seriously big viral video’s out of all the Youtube Video’s and wanted to see what they had in common. Learning a little bit about this might help in coming up with the next big blockbuster idea for the next viral [...]


How Fortune 500 Companies (Coke) Use Social Media and Video

Here is an interesting presentation hosted by Gaspedal delivered by Adam Brown of the Coca-Cola Company discussing how they gave ownership back to two guys in Los Angeles who started a Coca-Cola Facebook Fan Page, as of Q3 2009 this group is approaching 4 Million Fans. It really shows that Coke does “get it” in [...]