Jim Peake

Clients don’t care where they get their leads or business from. While being a direct response marketer I am often asked about DRTV. Having spent time in the DRTV media buying field it only made sense to help clients produce and distribute their commercials on TV. We love to test online first so that when we spend the bigger dollars on TV we are increasing our odds for a successful DRTV commercial. We are a small group and have some very talented producers, writers and media buyers.

I’m a direct response marketer by trade having spent the first half of my career in the printing and graphics arts field, specifically direct mail. After working for several large web printing companies in the Midwest I started a print brokerage serving financial services companies and Madison Avenue Advertising Agencies direct marketing divisions.

Seeing the direct response potential in the Internet I became the one of the lead sales professionals for one of the first interactive advertising agencies during the mid 1990’s as “employee” #4.

That ad agency, K2, went public in the dot com heyday. During that tenure I was the catalyst for putting the Internet on the front page of every newspaper around the world with the watershed event of the Russian Chess Grandmaster Garry Kasparov vs. IBM’s Deep Blue Super Computer. (Kasparov won the first match). During the dot com bubble I joined a MIT software start up who developed custom content management and e-commerce software all with the underlying direct response thesis of delivering relevant information to users. A few other software start-ups (including DRTV, Ad Networks) later I moved into internet publishing cutting my teeth on PPC and SEO. SEO became an area of Interest and I’ve been successfully helping clients with their SEO since 2007 with SpeechRep Media, Inc. in Marblehead, MA. I am also currently working with EminentSEO. I’m a member of the Direct Marketing Association, Internet Oldtimers Foundation, i-Advertising, BBB, MIT Enterprise Forum and Marblehead Professionals Group.