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We are only only one of the few DRTV Agencies in Boston who produce and syndicate videos online to 100+ video directories, social media sites, social book marking sites and podcasting sites. We are a direct response television advertising agency of a different kind. Traditionally DRTV Ad Agencies focus only on television. We are a direct response television advertising agency that focuses not only on Television but also direct response video on the Web. For semantic purposes we could call ourselves a Direct Response Video Advertising Agency. However we have chosen to call ourselves a Direct Response Television Advertising Agency since it takes a while for the market to make the adjustment.

One of the emerging markets is Facebook. For example, if you sell Chocolate you can find the EXACT customer you are looking for in Facebook and target them. You can target with Google as well but it costs a lot more. Facebook is an incredible opportunity for DRTV marketers. The problem is many direct response marketers do not know how to market on Facebook. We do. And we know how to do it well. The television industry needs to be concerned. Google already is concerned, Facebook is a GAME CHANGER for many marketers.

In some cases we can produce and syndicate your direct response videos for as low as $15,000 – $20,000 and you are in business to receive orders online. You will have to have the order fulfillment already in place either with an 800# and/or an e-commerce website. Setting up a Facebook Fan Page to deliver conversions is about $5,000 and that includes driving traffic to the Fan Page.

Direct Response Television Advertising Agency vs. A Direct Response Video Advertising Agency
We are one and the same. The single biggest difference is the Web. With the Web, DRTV advertisers can now test different offers and segment different demographics of traffic to a web site so that they can then optimize the message and get highest conversions possible. Yes you can do this on TV and it is being done on TV all the time however now you have the opportunity to “always be on.” More on that in a minute. As John Wanamaker said, “half the money I spend on advertising is wasted, I just don’t know which half.” We will now be able to test and track and improve on your MER (Media Efficiency Ratio) using Direct Response Video Advertising.

Because all DRTV advertisers know what a Direct Response Television Advertising Agency is they are also familiar with the high costs associated with Direct Response Agencies. Sometimes product costs of a DRTV television commercial and reach multiple six figures that might be too much of a hurdle for a guy with a product that fits in all the homes in America and could be a good candidate using Direct Response Television Advertising. Enter DRTAA. For as little as $15,000 – $20,000 we can produce a handful of 60 second direct response videos and also distribute them on the web in scores of video directories, social media sites and social book marking sites. Or we can use your existing DRTV Commercials and republish them on the Web or test your DRTV Ads vs. your Web Video’s.

Most of the DRTV Commercials that a Direct Response Television Advertising Agency produces today are either product sales or lead generation offers. The Web now plays a huge component in the product fulfillment and the lead capture. In a perfect world we would rather send the users to the Web site vs. a call center. With a direct response or a lead generation landing page the user can get all of their information in one place and on top of that we can track everything from their time on the page to their click path to their physical location.

A Direct Response Television Advertising Agency With Huge Competitive Advantages
DRTAA DRTV “Ads are always on.” If you are a DRTV Advertiser you know about buying media on TV as well as buying Pay Per Click Advertising. When you stop paying your ads stop running. Not so with this Direct Response Television Advertising Agency. Once we publish an advertisement on the Internet it is always there and always available to be played. Weather you are sending your customers to a 800# or a Web page you want to take this into consideration. These direct response videos are difficult to turn off and it is not a service we are currently offering but may in the future.

The Potential of Your DRTV Ad Going Viral
Yes this is everyone’s dream. If you have a product or a service or a message that is so powerful there is the possibility it could spread like Beanie Babies on the Web. This does not have the potential to spread as easily with traditional media like Television, Newspapers or Radio. If your DRTV Videos do go viral you have “hit the jackpot” provided you can fulfill. And if you can’t, there is the possibility of investors beating a path to your door to help you out in the time of success distress.

Testing and Tracking: Making Informed Decisions Not Gambles
Another big advantage with DRTAA is we track everything. Yes we mean everything. We can start out with Google Analytics and move to some very advanced sets of tracking tools. Our engineering team is experienced with multivariate testing which is considered to be the most complete form of testing vs. doing a simple A/B split test on 2 different colors or 2 different prices. Because we are Web savvy we have the ability to test and track at speeds of days and not weeks and months.

Online Media Saturation of a Geographic Location
Another big advantage using Direct Response Television Advertising Agency is we can saturate a geographic area like Chicago or New York. We do this by keyword research and tagging the videos appropriately with the location of the offering. Real Estate is an especially untapped area where we feel we could take advantage of our offering.

We also understand that the Web is NOT the only game in town and that TV is still the 800# gorilla. As your Direct Response Television Advertising Agency – DRTAA we can better prepare you for Television than if you just went into the space with a big fat check. If you are currently a successful DRTV Advertiser we can help you enhance your profitability significantly by segmenting your market and introducing your products to new markets in a cost effective manner. We will compliment your current DRTV Media buy’s as well as compliment your PPC campaigns.

What are the right types of companies to take advantage of this DRTAA Direct Response Television Agency Services? Companies that are prepared to test and track. Companies that aren’t afraid to spend resources to get the ball rolling. Realistically, anything less than $15,000 – $20,000 for openers is not a good fit for us.

Project Management and Automation At DRTAA Direct Response Television Advertising Agency we will provide you with comprehensive project management software tools so that it stream lines the deliverables. It will help you as well as help us manage the multitude of deliverables in the project. We will also set up profiles in scores of Social Media and Book Marking Sites. You will retain ownership of the profiles and passwords at competition of the relationship or if you choose to move the activities in house. During the engagement you will be part of our automation processes which will help you understand the value we bring to the table.

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