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Viral Videos – User Generated, Music Video’s and Movie Video’s

It is late and night and I can’t sleep so i went into my e-mail account that has all the e-mail’s I wish I could find the time to read but don’t have the time to read. Some how I found an Adage e-mail that talks about viral videos. In that e-mail was a super [...]

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Leveraging Social Media and Online Video

Now that there are several established players in the social media space i.e. MySpace, Facebook, Youtube and many more there is an opportunity for advertisers to get their message out to multiple places. If we were to look at it in the brick and mortar world it might be something like putting up a video [...]

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Online Video Statistics – Significant Online Advertising Opportunities

The Internet is sort of like a great big mosh pit with millions if not billions accessing it at any given time and anyone can be a citizen content creator and/or journalist. (Note how this is wreaking havoc in the news industry). It is easy to write and post text and it is also easy [...]

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