Here are a couple of examples of the DRTV Commercials and online videos we produce here at Direct Response Television Advertising Agency or DRTAA. This client wants to market a “Talking Baseball” and our recommendation is to first test online before we bring to Television. We can learn a lot online for less than we can on Television.

Talking Autograph Baseball from john hubbard on Vimeo.

The second client is interested in generating leads for their business. People do business with people they know like and trust. So showing a beautiful resort and all of the finer things that come with it can be demonstrated extremely well in an online video. Let us know what you think or call us to discuss your next project we can give you a price right over the phone immediately. 781-405-5815.

The third example is a customer testimonial for a Florida Drug Rehab. We know that customer testimonials are 10X more believeable than any other marketing materials we all publish. When clients are evaluating your business they would much rather hear from your clients than from you. Why is this the case because clients are not confident in their decision making and they want to reduce any risk as much as possible and online video testimonials are the best way to do it.