Direct Response Video – Testing your DRTV Ads on the Cheap

While Youtube PreRoll Video Ads (the :15 and :30 second ads that play before you click a video) are probably the most hated of all video ads but for the advertisers they work and that is why we keep using them. It is our premise that if you want to market your products using direct response TV you might as well test it out on the Internet BEFORE we start spending your media dollars in DRTV. The reason we say this is because we can do it a lot cheaper than DRTV and we can test several different markets based on keywords and demographics.

For example, if you are in the chocolate business we can target people who have typed in chocolate into Google. We can also target people who have searched for desserts, or wine or other luxury type of items. We can also create a short video of either :15 or :30 seconds and put in different offers. We can also test different landing pages on your chocolate website we can send them to.

In the example below we are testing a drug rehab video to determine if the inventory in Youtube is any different than the typical Google Adwords search networks and content networks. We probably won’t be replacing those networks anytime soon, however, we may certainly augment it and reallocate some dollars towards the Instream or PreRoll Ads. Let us know what you think. We can start testing this for as little as $500 per month and target a specific city or state.

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