How Fortune 500 Companies (Coke) Use Social Media and Video

Here is an interesting presentation hosted by Gaspedal delivered by Adam Brown of the Coca-Cola Company discussing how they gave ownership back to two guys in Los Angeles who started a Coca-Cola Facebook Fan Page, as of Q3 2009 this group is approaching 4 Million Fans. It really shows that Coke does “get it” in terms of allowing third party validity to help them market their products.

BlogWell New York Social Media Case Study: Coca-Cola, presented by Adam Brown from GasPedal on Vimeo.

The other big insight that he talks about how big it is to use video, and with music. Where I think we can help companies like Coke is if they wanted to distribute their video’s in a geographic location i.e. Atlanta our Online Video Syndication is the perfect place for which to do that by distributing to over 100+ different online video directories, social media sites, book marking sites and podcasting sites.

Steve Wilson at McDonald’s Corp asked a great question, “if you have all of these names/fans how do you make them take action?” In Direct Response Television Advertising Agency’s business model we teach companies how to get their users to take action, click on a link, call an 800# etc. Our model is very similar to real DRTV ads, obnly we distribute online.

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