What if Google or iTunes Was Our Next “Cable Company?”

apple vs google 2 300x203 What if Google or iTunes Was Our Next Cable Company?
Think about it. Google or iTunes could actually be streaming content into our homes instead of Comcast or DirectTV. How would that change our viewing habits. I know tonite I was watching a couple of videos on Archive.org which if you haven’t been there has some fantastic content as well as music.

About two years ago I took back my Cable Box to Comcast. I found myself gravitating more towards the “news stations” and felt that there was more out there and chose to spend more time in books and on the internet for my information consumption. I think where both these guys will trump the old business models is in a la carte offerings. For example, I had no intention of watching Barack Obamas speech on why we need to add more troops in Afghanistan, but I would have paid $1.50 to watch a hockey game or something on the Discovery Channel.

However the current offerings have so many channels that are of zero relevance to me that I have turned it off all together. I find that many of the folks I know watch very little TV. There are way too many options now other than TV.

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