Leveraging Social Media and Online Video

Now that there are several established players in the social media space i.e. MySpace, Facebook, Youtube and many more there is an opportunity for advertisers to get their message out to multiple places. If we were to look at it in the brick and mortar world it might be something like putting up a video billboard in multiple shopping malls in a big city like Los Angeles.

Since each social media site and social book marking site attracts a different flavor of client wouldn’t it make sense to post a video billboard in each one of these “online shopping malls”, for maximum exposure across all demographics? Common Craft has put together a simple video on explaining how social media works and the advantages including online video.

Weather you have Youtube Videos or Blip.tv videos it is important to find the right distribution platforms and then distribute your videos and test and track for optimal results. More and more advertisers are picking up on the fact that online video might not be seen by as many people it can surly be delivered into the exact audience they seek hence provide the desired action by the client/audience.

Take a look at some of these stats from comScore. Again while the numbers are exciting the goal is to get the information into the right people’s hands.

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So we know this is where the people are but how do we leverage the fact that there are over 13 hours of video being uploaded to Youtube every minute? We do this by managing several different components and when I say manage I really mean engineer.

manage the content of the video
limit the length of the video
keyword research for the video
competitive intelligence on the competition
tag the video
branding – thematic consistency on the user profiles
test different video directories and social networking sites
track the results from all the videos
distribute via geo-targeting i.e. Los Angeles (only)
rinse and repeat (make the adjustments and release new videos)

In the end we are providing an ongoing lead generation traffic generation platform that if done correctly will provide an unfair competitive advantage for clients.

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