Online Video Ad Networks

Like radio and TV and television advertising networks there too is a place for online networks like BrightRoll which specializes in online video advertising. Many of the traditional online ad networks like DoubleClick have been snapped up by the bigger players like Google. Until just recently there were several hundred online networks however they have been winnowed to just a few dozen with the economy sputtering.

O.K. online video is big we all know that and we have all heard of Hulu if you are in the industry. These guys at BrightRoll are serving more video than Hulu. Go figure. I would expect these guys or someone like them to get reeled in by a Google or a Microsoft in the not too distant future.

Their 57 slide presentation might seem like a lot and I almost ditched it but it goes super fast, so check it out. It might be interesting to me to check out some of their remnant inventory to test.

What is a video ad? It is also known as a “pre-roll” an ad before the video starts or a “mid-roll” an ad that plays in the middle. I saw Buisiness Insider do this and it was super annoying. Check out one of their videos.

To take a look at the other top 10 online video ad networks in the space check out this link on Mashable. It is interesting to see how some of these highly generic technology companies do as well as they do while at the same time creating a brand new category.

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