Online Video Statistics – Significant Online Advertising Opportunities

The Internet is sort of like a great big mosh pit with millions if not billions accessing it at any given time and anyone can be a citizen content creator and/or journalist.

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(Note how this is wreaking havoc in the news industry). It is easy to write and post text and it is also easy to record and post video. However video has different components that make it not as easy for some to be able to produce, or at least that is the appearance. At the end of the day it is super easy to produce and as you can see by some of the online video statistics below from comScore it is generating some significant volume.

• Online video viewers are 20% more likely to make a purchase online
• 16.8 Billion Online Video Streams
• 151 Million people can be reached 110 times per month
• Online Video can reach 70-80% on internet users per month
• Total Online Internet Videos are up over 66% in the past 15 months as of April 2009
• Online Video is also big in Europe as well as the US
• Online Video is big across all age categories
• Youtube videos are up 98% in 15 months
• Online Video Advertising is in the Early Stages

While it is “nice” to see some of these exciting numbers the real goal is to get the video content message or advertisement into the right viewers hand and this is something that we are doing at Direct Response Television Advertising Agency. Distribution is key. testing tracking and measuring is also as important if not more important. Don’t forget the message in the video as well does it have a call to action to get the user to take the action to click or call?

If you want to have a little fun to see what we are talking about do a Google search for Big Fish. Note the video results above the fold (no scrolling on my computer hopefully you have the same). The idea is to get your message in a similar place in the SERP’s.

In most cases we won’t even send the user to a web page but directly to a telephone so they can talk to a customer service person and they can close the deal or capture the lead.

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