Direct Response Video – Testing your DRTV Ads on the Cheap

While Youtube PreRoll Video Ads (the :15 and :30 second ads that play before you click a video) are probably the most hated of all video ads but for the advertisers they work and that is why we keep using them. It is our premise that if you want to market your products using direct [...]

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Video Marketing Your Way To Page #1 Of Google Want to know how to get to PAGE #1 of Google using Video Marketing? We will show you how!

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Google Sees Growth in Online Video Ads

The Future is “Advertising” is Here, according to Google. While seeing this growth is no real big surprise for the consumer or Google it appears to be a big surprise to some. I would like to think that Google does a littel research before they spend $1.65 Billion on Youtube. Same too the investors for [...]

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What if Google or iTunes Was Our Next “Cable Company?”

Think about it. Google or iTunes could actually be streaming content into our homes instead of Comcast or DirectTV. How would that change our viewing habits. I know tonite I was watching a couple of videos on which if you haven’t been there has some fantastic content as well as music. About two years [...]

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