The Lowdown on YouTube Videos and Video Optimization

With over 3 Billion Monthly searches YouTube is easily the second biggest search engine, behind Google. Imagine 20 hours of content being uploaded every minute of every day to YouTube? That’s a lot of “stuff.” But like Greg Jarboe says paraphrasing Yogi Berra “no-one likes to eat there any more because it is too crowded,” [...]

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Google Sees Growth in Online Video Ads

The Future is “Advertising” is Here, according to Google. While seeing this growth is no real big surprise for the consumer or Google it appears to be a big surprise to some. I would like to think that Google does a littel research before they spend $1.65 Billion on Youtube. Same too the investors for [...]

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Online Video is a Big Part for Future of the Web

In this interview Eric Schmidt, Chairman and CEO of Google discusses what the future of the Web will look like in 5 years and not only will it have a lot of Chinese language in it it will also have a lot of rich media including video. He has expressed surprise to the quality of [...]

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Viral Videos – Youtube Videos some with 100 Million + Views

This was a fun little exercise. I wanted to see who had some of the seriously big viral video’s out of all the Youtube Video’s and wanted to see what they had in common. Learning a little bit about this might help in coming up with the next big blockbuster idea for the next viral [...]


Leveraging Social Media and Online Video

Now that there are several established players in the social media space i.e. MySpace, Facebook, Youtube and many more there is an opportunity for advertisers to get their message out to multiple places. If we were to look at it in the brick and mortar world it might be something like putting up a video [...]

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