Viral Videos – User Generated, Music Video’s and Movie Video’s

It is late and night and I can’t sleep so i went into my e-mail account that has all the e-mail’s I wish I could find the time to read but don’t have the time to read. Some how I found an Adage e-mail that talks about viral videos. In that e-mail was a super cool video of a guy on a trick bike doing some stuff that I have never seen before take a look.

Some how looking at the Inspired bicycles video took me to Visible Measures who seems to have a pretty good handle on where the real traffic is for some of these viral videos.

What is interesting is most of the videos seem to be either user generated, music video’s or movie video’s. What we aren’t seeing in here is Madison Avenue or maybe we are and we just don’t know it. Here is one that is definitely Madison Avenue actually it is created by Mad Men, love the Subaru in the Ad.

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